A Day in the Life of Services Practitioners: Scaling Lead-to-Cash Operations for Professional Services


Embark on a journey through the experiences of services practitioners and discover real-life strategies behind scaling lead-to-cash operations at top services delivery organizations. In this on-demand webinar, join Joe Longo, PSA Automation Leader at NetSuite, and Mahesh Baxi, Co-Founder and CEO at Provus, as they uncover best practices, tools and success stories that can help streamline your services projects, align sales and delivery collaboration, and boost overall productivity.

Topics in the session include:


  • Breaking down the department silo between sales and delivery.
  • Ensuring accuracy and visibility at every project lifecycle stage.
  • The importance of structured data for enhanced resource and revenue forecasting processes.
  • How technology like Provus Services Quoting and NetSuite OpenAir allow organizations to better manage projects, quoting, resources and finances.
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