Services quotes can be complex. But your quoting process doesn’t have to be.

Transform the way you sell services with a quoting solution built for services organizations. The Provus services CPQ platform is the smarter solution for estimates, pricing, and quotes.

Services CPQ Platform

services cpq platform built for services organizations

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Stop trying to make product CPQ fit your services quoting process. The Provus services CPQ platform is designed for the unique needs of your services organization. Provus offers a collaborative services quoting solution anchored by historical data and led by AI-driven scenario planning so you can maximize revenue, optimize margins, and increase operational efficiency.


increase in ROI


Increase in
average deal size


Reduction in
quote cycle time


increase in ROI


Increase in
average deal size


Reduction in
quote cycle time

Transform the way you sell services

It’s time for services organizations to say goodbye to antiquated spreadsheets and inefficient quoting processes. The Provus services CPQ platform offers guided selling motions, automated collaboration and approvals, advanced pricing capabilities, and more so you can provide your customers (and their customers) with a truly connected client experience.

Quote & scope
the best project.

Quickly create services quotes that meet customer needs and comply with corporate policy. Guide sales reps through the project scoping and planning phase to ensure they understand the margins and hit the right service factors.

  • Construct a margin-optimized resource mix, effort, and schedule to protect margins and minimize scope risk
  • Maximize revenue by improving win rate and deal size
  • Standardize global templates and questionnaires

Accurately price
services projects.

Negotiate deals for multi-year, multi-services, and complex global services with advanced pricing capabilities and accurate pricing insights.

  • Win more deals and increase deal size
  • Protect margins while leveraging different pricing strategies
  • Maintain audit trail on price exceptions and changes to rate cards and pricing policy changes

Identify the best
services combination.

Reduce deal cycle time and negotiate profitable deals by comparing the impact on margins for multiple scenarios.

  • Compare scenarios to determine the best revenue and impact on margins
  • Accelerate sales cycle by using multiple what-if scenarios
  • Track internal approvals and customer-presented scenarios

Unite sales and
services delivery teams.

Bring sales and services delivery together to accurately scope projects for your clients and approve the best deals for your organization.

  • Assign line items to the appropriate SMEs
  • Predetermine discount and approval workflows
  • Maintain audit trails of approvals and changes

Generate documents
on demand.

Quickly generate documents that pull in project scope, effort, resources, and schedule information.

  • Automatically transfer all services quote information into a customer-ready document
  • Select from current and pre-approved SOW/MSA templates
  • Eliminate the need for changes and revisions from multiple teams

AI-driven revenue forecasting and margin optimization

Services organizations are turning to AI to increase efficiency in their processes — particularly in the services quoting process, which sits in a crucial phase of data collection and organization.

Provus services CPQ’s AI capabilities provide services organizations with the speed and scale needed to analyze critical deal and delivery data, providing:

  • Prescriptive project scenarios based on specified goals like margin percentages, win rates, and project risk
  • Recommendations that uncover additional revenue opportunities, optimized resource mixes, and target discounts
  • Descriptive and diagnostic business insights that drill down into your complete quoting data to deliver key trends, root cause analysis, and more
  • Assistants that allow you to better interact with your data

When Provus services CPQ is plugged into your services project lifecycle, you can quickly identify promising opportunities in the sales cycle and make AI-led, data-driven decisions that optimize margins and maximize revenue.

Services quoting just got easier.

Product CPQ solutions do not map to the unique needs of services organizations. So Provus built a quoting platform that can tackle the size and complexity of services quotes.

Professional services

For companies that offer professional services to ensure the successful installation and implementation of a solution.

Consulting services

For companies that provide clients with individual services that are remotely operated, monitored, and maintained.

Asset-based services

For companies that sell maintenance contracts to ensure machinery or equipment works smoothly without interruption.

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platform built to maximize revenue, optimize margins, and increase operational efficiency.

Complex services quotes? No problem.

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