The Provus Services CPQ Platform

Take control in today’s service-driven economy and transform the way you sell services with our AI-led services CPQ platform. The way you estimate, price, and quote will never be the same again.

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Increase in ROI on your Provus investment


Increase in average deal size


Reduction in quote cycle time

Services CPQ Platform Features

CPQ for services is more efficient with a collaborative platform driven by historical data and AI-led scenario planning.

Powerful AI-led and data-driven features reinvent how services are estimated, priced, and quoted. By removing the traditional inefficiencies of creating and managing services quotes — from simple services to complex, recurring agreements — the Provus services CPQ cloud helps achieve revenue maximization and margin optimization.



Automate tedious tasks and use the template library to ensure all the components of your SOW are present. Our rules-based engine and AI-based algorithms guarantee money isn’t left on the table. Generating an SOW with Provus is as easy as 1-2-3.


Maximization and Accuracy

Say goodbye to revenue leakage with our unique AI-guided selling approach that’s easy to use and extremely effective. Provus’ AI engine provides scenarios, win/loss probability, and risk analysis by carefully analyzing historical data.



Collaborate in real-time across all groups — sales, pre-sales, solution engineering, delivery, human resources, and finance. With Provus, all parties involved can independently work on their respective sections without losing sight of the big picture.

Working with partners? Provus allows you to collaborate with approved partners through the partner portal.



Quickly generate an accurate SOW regardless of project complexities, resource details, and terms and clauses. Our document generation feature combines the power of dynamic data with a clause library to produce professional documents with a click of a button.



Adapt to ever-changing business scenarios with our configurable approval process. The Provus services quoting cloud provides detailed analysis and comparisons alongside approvals so that you can quickly make informed decisions.

Faster Turnaround


Significantly reduce cycle times for services quotes through our intuitive UX, guided selling, configurable approval processes, real-time collaboration, AI-led “what-if” scenarios, and more.


Maximization and Optimization

Built by professionals with a deep understanding of all the levers that positively impact gross margin, the Provus Services Quoting Cloud maximizes revenue through intelligent “what-if” scenarios and a rule-based configurable engine.



Services quoting is a complex process. With a delicate balance between gross margin, resource mix and locations, and other levers it is easy to lose sight of risks. Provus provides easy and intuitive risk scoring combined with analysis and recommendations that minimize risk.


Data Optimization

The Provus Services Quoting Cloud is built on, allowing for easy integrations with hundreds of data points using a single click. Make services quoting more efficient and effective with integrations to CRM, PSA, ERP, HCM, and more.

How the Provus Services CPQ Platform Works

CPQ for services is more efficient with a collaborative platform driven by historical data and AI-led scenario planning.

Estimate the total cost of a services project, regardless of complexity.
Quoting Experience
Create Excel-like experience natively within Salesforce.
Scenario Creation
Generate various what-if scenarios to identify the best services combination.
Real-time Collaboration
Collaborate on a quote in real-time with internal users and approved partners.
AI-led Intelligent Rules Optimizer
Maximize revenue and optimize margins through an intelligent rules optimizer engine.
Quote Customization
Define add-on items required to complete the quote.
Provus Services CPQ

The Provus Services CPQ platform

The business world is increasingly competitive. Fresh-thinking startups with new ideas are winning impressive deals against incumbents and rendering old business models obsolete. Success today requires businesses to offer easier, better, and more personalized buying experiences.

Provus provides a smarter solution for estimates, pricing, and quotes — particularly in increasingly complex deals. Transform the way services are quoted with the industry’s first and only services quoting cloud.


Professional Services

Product-led services sales require a great deal of efficiency and repeatability on top of an easy to use process. The Provus Services Quoting Cloud provides unique templates, AI-led intelligent service recommendations, and a rule-based optimizer so you can seamlessly move from estimate to quote. When guided through our Wizard experience, the entire estimation process reflects the realities of scope, resource, locations, and discount change scenarios that are at the heart of the quoting experience.


Solution Brief

Consulting Services

Consulting services sales can be extremely complex as the scope can span across resources, geographies, services, and ancillaries. The Provus Services Quoting Cloud is configurable and scalable, providing AI-led solutions to maximize your revenue and optimize gross margins through an innovative scenario creation process. Provus’ Excel-like experience is built natively inside Salesforce and allows users to easily and intuitively manipulate the resource ramp-up/ramp-down, COLA, and discounts scenarios.

Asset-Based Services

Enterprises often sell asset-based services, which are recurring and complex in nature and make up a significant portion of your overall revenue. The Provus Services Quoting Cloud is an enterprise-ready, scalable, and configurable solution that uses its AI-led engine to recommend services based on the unique nature of the customer and the products they are buying. In today’s customer experience-led economy, it’s critical to be innovative and flexible in your quoting process so you can adapt to fast-changing and ever-evolving quoting models.

Seeing is Believing

It’s time for you to take control. A comprehensive and integrated services quoting process is within your grasp. Just give us 30 minutes of your time and we’ll give you a new and improved look at your services CPQ process.