Collaboration and Approvals

Unite sales and services delivery teams

Leverage collaboration and approvals to accurately scope projects for your clients and approve the best deals for your organization.

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Services CPQ Platform

Create an efficient and modernized quoting process that accelerates sales and guarantees compliance.

Invite SMEs to collaborate on quotes in real-time.

Send internal or external invitations to collaborate on or allow controlled access to a specific service or phase. With Provus CPQ, it’s easy to scope the best project while ensuring that quote owners can review, merge, or reject collaborator changes.

Key stakeholders from delivery, sales, and finance can view and work on the same quote simultaneously

Services quotes require a lot of behind-the-scenes action from multiple stakeholders — sales, product, legal, etc. With Provus CPQ, all key players can work on a quote simultaneously in real time without compromising accuracy or running into issues with version control. The quote owners can enable email notifications and templates, delegate approvals, and track time-based approval escalation, removing internal bottlenecks and making it easy to get approval on multiple quote options.

Collaboration and Approvals

Compare and approve multiple scenarios at the same time

Approvers get notifications when quotes are ready for their attention and then can view a side by side comparison of those quotes. Provus CPQ gives the team the tools they need to keep deals moving forward with less need for back and forth between customers, sales and deal desk.

A services CPQ platform built for services organizations

Transform the way you sell services. Provus CPQ is a collaborative services quoting solution led by AI-driven scenario planning and anchored by historical data so you can maximize revenue, optimize margins, and increase operational efficiency.

Advanced pricing capabilities

Negotiate deals for multi-year, multi-services, and complex global services with advanced pricing capabilities and accurate pricing insights.

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Quantitative scenario modeling

Reduce deal cycle time and negotiate profitable deals by comparing the impact on margins for multiple scenarios.

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Guided Quoting

Establish a collaborative quoting process that enhances margins, maximizes revenue, and guarantees compliance.

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Document generation

Quickly generate documents that pull in project scope, effort, resources, and schedule information.

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Complex services quotes? No problem.

Access materials that illustrate Provus’ unique solution for services quoting — webinars, videos, practical guides, and more.


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