Guided Quoting

Quickly create services quotes that meet customer needs and comply with corporate policy.

Guided quoting simplifies the first step of the quoting process with quote wizards, multi-service templates, flexible work breakdown structures, flexible scoping questionnaires, and more.

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Services CPQ Platform

Establish a collaborative quoting process that enhances margins, maximizes revenue, and guarantees compliance.

Flexibility to quote even the most complex projects

Feed Provus CPQ your project details — service type, complexity level, resource mix, etc. — by answering a scoping questionnaire, then use the data to create various options in multi-level work breakdown structures or templates for use in the future.

With Provus CPQ, you don’t need to remember various combinations or manually create multiple quotes. Any changes to answers in the questionnaire, including the addition or removal of bespoke services, automatically update in the breakdown structure of relevant quotes. You can also create templates to use for future projects.

Create service estimates in minutes with a quoting wizard

No more scrolling through an endless catalog of service items. Whether selling 10 services or 10,000 services, Provus CPQ helps you create the perfect quote in minutes. The quoting wizard takes individual opportunities and curates each line item based on the services sold.

Excel-like formula builder

Calculate, adjust, and allocate task and project level effort with ease in a familiar format that is easily understood and adopted by users.

A services CPQ platform built for services organizations

Transform the way you sell services. Provus CPQ is a collaborative services quoting solution led by AI-driven scenario planning and anchored by historical data so you can maximize revenue, optimize margins, and increase operational efficiency.

Advanced pricing capabilities

Negotiate deals for multi-year, multi-services, and complex global services with advanced pricing capabilities and accurate pricing insights.

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Quantitative scenario modeling

Reduce deal cycle time and negotiate profitable deals by comparing the impact on margins for multiple scenarios.

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Collaboration and approvals

Bring sales and services delivery together to accurately scope projects for your clients and approve the best deals for your organization.

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Document generation

Quickly generate documents that pull in project scope, effort, resources, and schedule information.

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Complex services quotes? No problem.

Access materials that illustrate Provus’ unique solution for services quoting — webinars, videos, practical guides, and more.


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