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Trace3 Selects Provus Services Quoting Platform to Streamline Quoting and Boost Customer Engagement

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Press Release

SARATOGA, CA – March 14, 2024Provus, a leading provider of AI-powered services CPQ solutions, today announced that Trace3, an elite technology consultancy that provides IT strategy, solutions, and services, has selected Provus’ platform to transform their quoting process and enhance customer engagement.


Trace3 Optimizes Quoting with Provus’ AI-powered Solution

As part of a company-wide initiative focused on leveraging technology for greater efficiency and boost customer experience, Trace3 identified their quoting process as a critical area for improvement. Given the pre-sales process for Services requires several key contributors collaborating to formulate a solution for their customers it was identified that the quoting process could be much more efficient and increase speed to market for customers.

“We were seeking a solution that could streamline our quoting process, reduce turnaround times, and free up our team so we could focus on client engagement,” said Mallory Woods, VP Client Experience at Trace3. “Provus’ AI-powered platform emerged as the clear choice with its ability to automate processes and enable accurate, data driven decisions at scale we can use to lift our clients’ overall experience.”


Provus Empowers Trace3 for Faster, More Efficient Quoting

By implementing Provus’ platform, Trace3 anticipates achieving significant benefits, including:

  • Quicker speed to market: Generate accurate and comprehensive SOWs in a fraction of the time compared to their previous manual process.
  • Increased efficiency: Reduce the number of people involved in the quoting process, leading to greater operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Enhanced customer experience: Deliver faster turnaround times and improved responsiveness to customer inquiries, fostering stronger relationships.

A Strategic Partnership for Mutual Success

“We are excited to welcome Trace3 to the Provus family and support them in achieving their quoting transformation goals,” said Mahesh Baxi, CEO and Co-Founder. “We share a common value of customer obsession and our platform’s intelligent features will empower them to close deals faster, improve profitability, and focus on delivering exceptional value to their clients.”


About Trace3
Trace3 delivers business transformation through advisement services. The firm consults on, integrates, and operates convergent solutions across data, security, and cloud that embrace emerging technology and drive measurable business value for its clients. For more information, visit

About Provus
Provus provides AI-powered Services CPQ solutions that help businesses automate their quoting processes, accelerate turnaround times, maximize revenue, and improve profitability. Built on the Salesforce platform, Provus offers a comprehensive suite of features for collaborative scoping, estimation, pricing, and quoting. For more information, visit

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