What is attachment rate for services? 

In the simplest terms, the attachment rate for services is the number of add-on services sold in relation to primary service.

Your business’s attachment rate can be used to measure the health of your company. If the rates are higher, it means buyers are aware of and motivated to buy complementary offerings.

A low attachment rate indicates that your customers either do not find value in your offerings or do not know about them. Survey your customers to know which barriers they face and accordingly adjust your product or sales approach.

How to calculate the attachment rate?

(Number of secondary services sold/ number of primary services) ✕ 100

How does service quoting improve the attachment rate for services? 

AI-led guided selling mines historical data using machine learning to see the services that they have the greatest propensity to buy. Data-driven technology identifies services that increase the attachment rate and the gross margins.

Services quoting platform Provus presents upsell and cross sell offers that are most likely to lead to additional sales based on AI-led insights. These insights increase sales efficiency leading to higher revenues.