• Stawan Kadepurkar

Customer Experience in Services Quoting

Updated: May 26

As we move rapidly into the digital led world the need for focus on Customer Experience is becoming extremely critical. Customer experience is a factor of the experience that customer has with the company through various stages of the engagement. The start of the journey for any customer starts with the initial proposal stage and important that customers experience the commitment to digital experience right through this process. Imagine a deal where the company is selling digital transformation for the customers front end interactions but the sales executive is still communicating using excel sheets and printed documents. The time has come to change that experience to be truly digital along with being transparent and collaborative.

This is what got us excited at Provus to create a platform with newer quoting experience. The premise was to help organization deliver digital experience to their customer right at the start of the engagement. The focus is on getting the customer on a platform to capture their requirements right from start to help estimate the right price. This helps create a win-win for the customer as well as company as customers get to be involved in the process thus avoiding unnecessary wastage of time and prolonged negotiations. Companies also are able to bring their delivery and solutions teams on to the same platform so the sales process doesn’t run in isolation resulting in better planning and execution of programs. Our AI led approach also helps deliver from historical knowledge base the best quotes for customers.

We strongly believe that customer loyalty and confidence will vastly improve with this key front end tool that sales and business development teams will be able to leverage. And this is all Customer Experience.

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