Episode 8: Navigating CPQ Software Evaluation for Customer Success

Join us in the latest episode of the Services Ops Podcast, where hosts Mahesh and Chris are joined by Frank Sohn, CEO and President of Novus CPQ, for an in-depth discussion on CPQ software. Frank and Novus CPQ has been helping organizations implement and optimize CPQ solutions since 1996. As a prolific thought leader in the CPQ space and the host of the renowned CPQ Podcast, Frank shares invaluable insights. In this episode, he emphasizes the critical importance of thoroughly understanding business requirements, prioritizing them effectively, and identifying vendors that align seamlessly with those needs.

Meet Our Guest


President & CEO

Frank is President and CEO of Novus CPQ Consulting Inc. He offers 20 years of international experience working for startups and Fortune 50 companies with a strong impact on sales and sales operations teams. He specializes in High Tech Industry, Sales Transformation, Quote-to-Cash, Sales Operations and Project/Program Management.



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