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Meet Provus’ New CRO, Warren Bernstein

by | Nov 2, 2023 | Services Quoting Cloud

As we gear up for our next stage of expansion and growth, we are delighted to introduce Warren Bernstein, our new Chief Revenue Officer, to our executive team. We are excited to have Warren take the lead of our sales organization, where he is responsible for driving revenue growth and expanding our customers around the globe to support the company’s leadership position in the Enterprise Services Economy.

Warren Bernstein is a proven leader with over 35 years of experience successfully managing global sales, marketing, and business strategy teams. Prior to joining Provus, Warren served as CRO at Avnio, AVP and member of the Operations Leadership Team at Conga, and as a VP in multiple business units at IBM.

As an experienced CRO, Warren’s career has been a journey of continuous growth, learning, and challenges. We asked Warren to share some of the key reasons he joined Provus, and here is what he said.

Customer Obsession

Provus is committed to assisting and empowering its customers to enhance their quoting experience, providing support throughout their journey. Provus is driven by a core principle: understanding and addressing the unique needs of their customers. The customer-centric approach aligns with the belief that customer experience and long-term relationships are fundamental to achieving revenue growth.

Experienced and Exceptional Team

A company is only as strong as its people. The leadership team and founders at Provus comprise seasoned professionals who possess a wealth of expertise in enterprise technology, services industry, CPQ, and the Salesforce ecosystem. They are passionate about delivering an exceptional customer experience and are committed to the company’s mission of helping customers elevate their entire services quoting journey.

Untapped Market and Product-Market Fit

The market in which Provus operates is expanding, presenting significant growth opportunities. Quote-to-cash is a mission-critical process for any organization, particularly for services-based enterprises where lost margins and revenue leakage can impact the entire organizational framework and growth. Provus’ Services CPQ is enabling organizations to transform the way they quote for their services with more accurate and reliable estimates, pricing, and quotes. There is a clear need and most importantly value to transform services quoting, and being on the ground floor of that transformation is truly exciting.


We are excited to welcome Warren to our team as we embark on this exciting journey together. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities for growth, innovation, and success that lie ahead.


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