Spreadsheets are not a services quoting system.

Don’t let spreadsheets hold your business back. Ditch your spreadsheets with Provus’ Al-Led Services Quoting.

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For years services organizations have been relying on spreadsheets as a central component of their services quoting strategy. And for years services organizations have been falling behind with problems like:

Manual and Error-Prone Processes

Sales cycles are hampered by error-prone manual procedures, resulting in inefficiencies and delays. The use of disparate systems and reliance on Excel spreadsheets across proposal creation, deal review, and compliance processes further exacerbate the issue, leading to decreased productivity and missed revenue opportunities.

Lack of Collaboration

Team members are relying on ad hoc, disorganized syncs, fragmented status process spreadsheets, and random email communications for managing approvals and SOW generation. Unfortunately, this disjointed approach is resulting in delayed quote generation and subpar customer experiences.

Limited Ability to Analyze and Adjust

Unstructured data within Excel Spreadsheets presents significant challenges in conducting margin-driven analysis and making informed decisions. Without a structured approach to acquiring and organizing project and deal data, extracting actionable insights becomes difficult, limiting the ability to accurately assess profitability, and optimize quoting strategies effectively.

Enterprise Services Quoting Platform

A true enterprise services quoting system is more than the islands of calculation that excel offers. When you move to a system, built on an enterprise data foundation, you are able to introduce guided selling motions, automated collaboration and approvals, revenue maximization activities and features that protect and improve margins. Most importantly you are building a system that is structured in a way to be able to layer on advanced analytics and AI capabilities.

Provus Salesforce CPQ

Status Quo is falling behind. Your competition is adopting Services CPQ

Things might be good enough today, but adoption of Services CPQ technology is rapidly increasing, which means without a plan you will start falling behind.

  • Advancing capabilities and expectations for AI adoption in organizations is not going away. Excel spreadsheets are NOT structured to adopt AI
  • As a services business, you need to be able to make margin lead decisions depending on the needs of the business. Without a services quoting system you are falling short

AI-Led Services CPQ Platform

Provus is transforming the services lead to cash process with a solution purpose-built for services organizations. Our AI-led solution offers a smarter approach to scoping and quote generation, empowering organizations to maximize revenue, optimize margins, accelerate sales cycles, and achieve operational efficiency like never before. By eliminating the reliance on manual processes, Excel Spreadsheets, and tribal knowledge, Provus enhances the accuracy and confidence of lead-to-cash data, paving the way for streamlined operations and unparalleled success.

“As soon as you automate interdepartmental communication processes and remove Excel, what we found is that all the internal arguments went away.”

Joe Longo , PSA Principal, Oracle NetSuite

Seeing Is Believing

It’s time for you to take control. A comprehensive and integrated services quoting process is within your grasp. Just give us 30 minutes of your time, and we’ll give you a new and improved look at your services quoting process.

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