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Maximize Revenue with NetSuite OpenAir and Provus

by | Jan 26, 2024 | Best Practices

Modernize Quote-to-Cash (Q2C), and you’re on the road to improved business agility. 

This webinar, featuring Provus’s CEO Mahesh Baxi and NetSuite’s PSA Specialist Jeff Chandler, shows how to make it happen for your business. 

The content is for sales and operations managers, directors, and VPs. Plus, there are other doers and strategists who want to accelerate sales cycles, maximize revenue, and optimize margins. 

You’ll find discussion around key questions facing professional services organizations who want to optimize the Q2C process, with insight into how to use professional services automation software (PSA), NetSuite OpenAir, and Provus Services CPQ platform to find the answers.


Project templates for professional services automation


When a deal moves closer to completion, it’s time for a proper scope discovery session. So that the quote can be precisely aligned with the customer’s requirements, ready to optimize margins and maximize revenues. The question is, what happens when standardization meets the ever-changing nature of sales cycles? 

The webinar shows how you can create multiple estimate templates in Provus based on the services you’re selling. Whether that’s content, implementation, support, or something else. Templates come with formulas for calculating complex estimates with consistency. Even when the sales cycle changes, the calculations stay consistent.


PSA software for change orders


Naturally, during scoping, there will be plenty of back-and-forth with stakeholders. Of course, you need the scope to be a firm foundation, clear and defined. Otherwise, you have to create change orders. That’s why it’s a game-changer to be able to view, edit, and understand the entire work breakdown structure as you go.

The webinar shares how you can add granularity and guidance relating to the resources. For example, take a rate card where you want to manage the bottom line. You can specify a resource manager’s location and their required skills. You can also add another resource, such as a pre-defined Solution Architect role. One that comes with set parameters around hours they provide to automatically add to the project length.

You can then easily change any scope parameters, and the estimate changes dynamically. It’s an effective way to explore different scenarios and work out where to optimize margins.


NetSuite OpenAir PSA: Resource forecasting


Imagine a typical scenario. You’re asking for a project manager, a solution architect, and a quality engineer. The larger your business, the more quotes and variables to gather. Provus’ Services CPQ platform provides a bar chart with each resource/role and the sum of its hours. It’s a way to see the spread of resources and how it may change month by month.

At this point, it’s time to switch to NetSuite OpenAir PSA through a seamless Provus integration. The quote you created, using the very same resource forecasting, appears. Along with interactive charts such as Gantt, showing you the dependencies over a potential timeline, spanning tasks, activities, and resources. 


PSA software: NetSuite OpenAir Project Center


The webinar also covers the NetSuite OpenAir Project Center

This displays typical breakdowns of actions, tasks, booking types and statuses, start and finish dates, and progress percentages. You can visualize a resource’s current capacity with weekly and monthly allocation of resources and hours. Danger areas, such as overbooking a rep’s weekly hours, are highlighted. You can view bottlenecks and take action to reallocate or request another resource. 

As you make changes, you can view the impact on the overall forecast. You can then compare the forecast to your actuals to see what’s already been logged. It’s also possible to toggle from hours to costs or charges. Making it possible to see expected costs with one click. In other words, it’s an accelerated form of Q2C. 


NetSuite OpenAir PSA: A unified view


You can take this up a level and use it to track and understand active projects. Showing what is being sold compared to what was estimated. By pulling in pre-sales opportunities from Provus, you can open in NetSuite OpenAir. This produces an FTE forecast that summarizes your total workload, resource allocation, and demand, helping you to understand and re-evaluate potential profit opportunities.

The webinar shows how to drill into these reports and uncover month-on-month trends. Maybe you can see a recurring deficit of a particular resource over the next three months. The forecasting means you can rule out anomalies, know when to invest, and when to reallocate.


Modeling scenarios with Provus


It’s then possible to create different what-if scenarios. Each with its scope, estimations, and rate cards. The webinar explores how this can help you optimize margins.  For example, add a 25% contingency because it’s a fixed bid, and see the impact on your baseline scenario. You can now submit multiple scenarios for approval. 

As the project gets underway in NetSuite OpenAir, executions flow back into Provus for analysis. Compare how executed projects perform against the initial sold project. See where the margins were found, based on the trends, and what would happen if you sold the same project but executed differently. You can effectively capitalize on a connected services strategy with Provus and PSAs. Easily compare project data with sold data and identify areas of margin optimization and revenue maximization.


Salesforce integration


Provus is built on This means seamless integration, even at the user level.

It’s the same for NetSuite OpenAir users. You can do your quotes in Provus and update opportunities in your CRM, Salesforce, or NetSuite OpenAir. One system and one screen for:

  • Project management
  • Resource management
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Timesheets
  • Expenses
  • Reporting and dashboards

The result is the ability to: 

  • Increase project profitability
  • Optimize resources
  • Reduce revenue leakage
  • Manage customer and prospect engagements
  • Make data-informed decisions using reliable metrics
  • Automate tracking of progress and costs

The power of connected systems


The webinar gives a glimpse into how NetSuite Openair with Provus is changing the way services are estimated, priced, and quoted. 

The integration offers a way to solve traditional complex service quote challenges, using many elements essential to modern business. From automation and visualization to centralized data management and real-time visibility.

To explore how NetSuite OpenAir with Provus can benefit your organization, contact Provus.

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