Provus Product Policies and Performance Guidelines


The Provus team is dedicated to providing an optimal user experience for all Provus Service Quoting solution users. To achieve this, Provus’s customer experience and product teams work closely with each customer, offering guidance on best practices to enhance the end-to-end opportunity-to-order experience for all users interacting with Provus.

Provus Service Quoting Scalability and Performance Baseline

This section provides details about Provus Services Quoting solution Scalability and Performance baseline.

Salesforce Execution and Governor Limits

Provus is entirely native to the Salesforce platform, leveraging a blend of platform capabilities such as Apex, SOQL, DML, Visualforce, and Lightning. Consequently, the Provus solution is subject to all Execution Governors and Limits imposed on the Salesforce platform, which may evolve with each Salesforce release.

The link specified below provides a quick reference guide for the Execution Governors and Limits:
Salesforce Developer Limits and Allocations Quick Reference

Provus solution uses a combination of following approaches for transaction processing to provide the optimal user experience for Provus users.

  • Frontend transaction processing
  • Apex Server side synchronous operations
  • Apex Server side asynchronous and batch processing of transactions

Transactions Response times

This section outlines the transaction response time for Provus transactions. However, as Provus Services Quoting is a 100% native Salesforce application, the response times are also impacted by Salesforce infrastructure and related aspects. These factors include:

  • Resources allocated to sandbox or production orgs
  • Caching behavior of Salesforce orgs (first transaction of the day may take longer)

Provus Document Generation Limits

Provus provides a partner solution for document generation from a Salesforce ISV partner S-Docs.

Document generation limits are governed by S-Doc Limitations as specified below:
S-Docs Limitations – S-Docs for Salesforce (

Capabilities Not Supported currently in Provus Quoting Solution

Provus does not support the following capabilities:

Graphical Gantt Charts

  • Graphical Gantt Chart Diagrams on Application
  • Graphical Gantt Chart Diagrams in Output Documents

Excel Upload

  • Excel for initial upload for master data e.g. rate card items supported
  • Excel upload not supported for quote creation / modification

Push Upgrades and Related Patch Support Policy

The Provus Push Upgrades and Related Patch Support Policy is as follows:

Push upgrades

  • Customer environment are push upgraded with latest product releases

Patch support on latest release

  • Production patches are supported on latest product releases

Impact of Salesforce Releases on Patch Timelines

  • During Salesforce product release cycles, sandbox and production environments may be out of sync with latest Salesforce platform releases. Accordingly, patch and feature release schedule from Provus may get impacted during Salesforce release cycles.