What is a Services CPQ Platform?

A Services CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Platform is a SaaS-based quoting platform that uses AI to transform how enterprises quote their services with a smarter solution for estimates, pricing, and quotes.

CPQ for services removes error-prone parts of the pre-sales process for professional service organizations and managed service providers. Spreadsheets and Word templates that the sales teams had to cobble together to scope and price services are replaced by the dynamic service quoting CPQ software.

How does a Services CPQ Platform work?

Services CPQ works by removing the traditional inefficiencies of creating and managing complex professional services quotes. No more inefficient or manual quoting processes means you win deals faster. Guided selling pulls from historical data so you can create the best quote every time. AI-led scenario planning enables you to instantly create various scenarios and identify options that increase gross margin and curb leakage.

Benefits of a Services CPQ Platform

A services CPQ platform for professional services makes it easy to generate accurate estimates so you win more deals.


  • Estimator: Quickly and easily gather customer information and create an estimate using a fully customizable and wizard-based estimator. 
  • Estimate Templates: Simplify repeatable estimates to accelerate sales timelines and reduce time wasted.
  • AI-led “What-if” Scenarios: Create different scenarios to quickly identify the option that increases gross margin, saves money, and curbs revenue leakage without using spreadsheets, versioning, emails, etc.
  • Single System of Record: Collaborate across functions online in real-time to work on complex services quotes that touch multiple departments (finance, delivery, partner, etc.).

Drawbacks of Not Using a Services CPQ Platform

  • Inefficiency: Manual quoting processes are time-consuming, error-prone, and cumbersome to collaborate on.
  • Revenue Leakage: The best combinations are often overlooked in manual processes, leading to revenue leakage as money is left on the table.
  • Oversight: The lack of access to historical data hinders the ability to learn from past deals and improve win probability.