What Is AI-led Guided Selling? 

AI-led guided selling uses technology to automate service quoting, allowing your sales teams to focus on helping customers find and configure the right products and services.

AI-led guided selling in services quoting eliminates frustration by allowing customers to access real-time accurate quotes and pricing information through a self-serve dashboard.

Using service quoting, your sales teams can speed up the quote-to-cash motions and manage complex service quoting processes without losing customers. AI-led guided selling by services quoting platform provides real-time adjustment for each deal in the pipeline.

What are the benefits of AI-led guided selling

Complexity – The complexity of quoting becomes a challenge for many teams. For professional service organizations that have a variety of pricing models and service offerings, managing them using different scoping spreadsheets leads to a cumbersome approval process and sub-optimal sales.

AI-led guided selling with Salesforce leads to achieving repeatable and winning quotes that are optimized by understanding historical data.

Volume – The volume of quotes is a pain point for many teams as manual quoting takes too long. Sales teams need simple, efficient, and scalable service quoting software that can increase quoting speed and quality to improve competitiveness.

Transformation – We’re seeing companies move away from selling only rates and hours. An increasing number of organizations are offering solutions, outcomes, and productized services. As a result, they’re looking for AI-led selling wherein the sales team can view the menu of services, click on the ones they want and the algorithm delivers quotes on demand.

Trying to implement this over spreadsheets is equivalent to having soup with a fork.

Proposal content – Traditionally, creating proposals for services is painful as the content (pricing, scope, resource allocation) is static and not dynamically linked to the pricing within the spreadsheets. Firstly, all these details have to be manually added to the proposal, often many times and if the prospect asks for some changes, each of the fields has to be manually changed.

Creating service-level proposals is a slow, inconsistent, error-prone, and yet critical process to closing sales.

AI-led guided selling enables you to create different scenarios and identify options to increase gross margins and curb leakage.

Why are organizations choosing AI-led guided selling

The quotation process is expedited from weeks to mere minutes and hours with Provus Services CPQ Platform with AI-led guided selling. Your sales reps can close larger and long-term deals with a higher success rate. Guided selling pulls insights from historical data, highlighting what works for you so that you can create the best quotes every single time.