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Announcing our new Services Ops Podcast

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Services Quoting Cloud

We’re very excited to announce our latest venture: the launch of the Services Ops Podcast! A bi-weekly podcast featuring interviews with business and services leaders, practitioners and trailblazing entrepreneurs discussing the nuances and challenges of services operations.

You might be asking, what are services ops? At a high-level, services operations refers to the management and execution of operational activities within a services-based organization. You can find people making services operations decisions in all kinds of places within a services org. SalesOps, RevOps, heads of sales, professional services, delivery managers, finance leaders all play a part whether they realize they are wearing operational hats or not.

Services operations play a crucial role in ensuring that services-based organizations operate smoothly and deliver high-quality services to their customers and clients. Despite its pivotal role within organizations, the topic of services specific business often flies under the radar in the podcast sphere.

This podcast is going to explore the people, process and technology aspects of Services Operations. Whether you are part of an independent PSO inside an organization, a consulting firm, agency or anything in between, you will find the topics we address speak to the unique challenges you face every day.

services ops podcast

I’m excited to co-host this podcast alongside our CEO and Co-Founder, Mahesh Baxi. With over 25 years of global IT products and services experience, Mahesh brings a wealth of entrepreneurial knowledge and leadership insight to our community. 

Together, we will tackle everything from technology, departmental alignment, data strategies and more. Our ultimate goal is to help you advance beyond the silos and traditional services operations organization, and transform into proactive business leaders in revenue maximization and margin optimization. 

You can catch the podcast on YouTube and Spotify initially, with plans for expansion to Apple Podcasts in the near future. Mark your calendars for our first episode premiering next Wednesday, March 13, 2024. It’s time to embark on an enriching journey of discovery and growth with the Services Ops Podcast!

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