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What is proposal generation?

A proposal is the scope of services, manpower, timeline, and expenses. Proposal generation automates the creation and vetting of a particular proposal between two parties and outlines terms and conditions which are customized for the signer and signee. 

With Provus, proposal generation is backed by historical data and scenario planning that enables estimation, and a Salesforce-like quoting experience for clarity. The efficiency of this service quoting is further amplified by intuitive scenario-creation, covering all ‘what-if scenarios’ and real-time collaboration to reduce the back and forth. Once the scope is set in place, the proposal is checked for customizations and then signed by respective stakeholders. 

Who can leverage the benefits of proposal generation?

While all organized businesses should integrate proposal generation as a part of their sales process, here are a few sectors that must implement it to make things easier:

Professional services: Sales teams at services companies are constantly closing deals and signing agreements for projects that span millions of dollars and several years. Instead of having to draft a fresh document from scratch for every prospective customer, such teams can leverage unique templates and smart service quoting services to generate their proposals effectively and with a quick turnaround time. What’s more, manually creating sales proposals is time-consuming and prone to errors. Automating proposal generation not only saves time but even leads to more productive and happier sales teams. 

Asset-based services: Asset-based services are complicated and have high chances of losses since assets are likely to be damaged. This can affect your business’s overall revenue. While no customer is the same, there are a few ground rules that can help protect your business as well as your assets. A proposal generation helps outline these key fundamentals as well as allows scope for customization on a recurring basis. 

Consulting services: Consulting does not adhere to a one-size-fits-all approach. Since the scope is vast, includes a wide variety of services, and spans across geographies, it is important for proposals to have scalable clauses that can maximize your revenue generation as well as protect your rights and efforts.