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What are asset-based services quoting?

Asset-based services are an (often recurring) deal between the vendor and the customer where the former offers some form of service. The customer pays for the said service and both are bound by legal contracts acknowledging the said transaction. 

Also known as maintenance contracts, a legal agreement for asset-based services between the customer and the contractor assures the smooth transfer and functioning of machines and other equipment. 

It is always ideal to have a quotation ready for asset-based services to avoid discrepancies, revenue leakage, and oversight. 

Why should you go for cloud-based asset-based services quoting?

Asset-based services quotes are complex, owing to multiple rounds of negotiations, loopholes, and complications, especially for professional service firms. There are numerous resources working on client projects. The terms and conditions need to be iron-clad to protect the assets of the vendor as well as the customers.

Generate accurate estimates: Most cloud-based asset-based services quoting are AI-backed, making it easier to make estimates that are based on insights and historical events. These data points are crucial for making accurate estimates.

Leverage predictive analysis: With automated quoting processes, you can create multiple scenarios and contract versions that can highlight loopholes and loss pits. You can close these gaps with predictive analysis and reduce revenue leakage. 

Ensure real-time collaboration and faster turnaround: A cloud-based quoting service makes it easier to collaborate between the two signees. This makes it easier to add/delete clauses, fine-tune the agreement from both ends at the same time, exchange relevant documents in real-time, and ship it immediately upon approval. 

Amplify chances of winning the contract: For the vendors, the devil lies in the details and this is what will help you win your contract. An automated quoting process helps build an optimal contract by leveraging old and new data points and implementing them to create an iron-clad legal agreement to increase the chances of closure. 

One-click integrations: With the help of different CRM integrations, vendors can also avoid data duplication and produce professional documents that can be dispatched immediately.

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